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What is this

twooker is a twitter bot that automatically replies to tweets of celebrities in a random manner. It will create a link that points to a website where the tweet has been translated into OOK!, an esotherical computer language that is made to be read by orang utans. Have a look at the link in the footer for more information.

What is this about

I am trying to raise awareness about the situation of the orang utans in borneo. Even though the species is genetically extremely close to ours, we do everythig to make them extinct. I will stop this twitter bot as soon as they are. I hope that I never will.

What can you do?

there are a couple of things you can do. The most obvious:


BOS Germany



Of course you can also donate to any other organisation that you think is good. If you want to let me know of other organisations worth mentioning, please send me a DM via Twitter and I will happily add it to the list here.

Avoid palm oil and endangered woods

Most of the Orang Utans home forests are taken down for either palm oil plantations or for the beautiful wood you want to eat your dinner from. Just don't do it. There is an international convention regulating the trade of endangered woods. Only buy woods with a CITES certificate. The trader has to pass it to you. It he doesn't, it may be wood that has been illegally imported to your country.

Support me

Yup, this costs money. It is not a lot right now but it will probably become more when the traffic to this site is growing. I don't want to convey the feeling that you are giving me money directly (which also has all sorts of fiscal downsides), so I kindly ask you to click on this Amazon Affiliates Link and buy something. I will get a small share of the turnover.

This website sucks

yes that is true. I am only using plain HTML and CSS here. No scripting involved, to keep this site as simple and secure as possible. I do not track who you are and where you are coming from. I don't spend money on design and want to keep it as fast and simple as possible.

Who is behind this

I am Andre Stricker, a fulltime freelancing nerd and father trying to change the world - or at least part of it, so I leave it in a better state than it was in when I was born. I am in no way affiliated with any of the organisations mentioned or even a member. I just picked organisations that seemed trustworthy and big enough so not too much of your donations get lost along the way.


icon: Orangutan by Gabriele Malaspina from the Noun Project

Information about OOK! on Wikipedia

OOK Creator: used according to GNU License 2.0

Twitter API Wrapper for PHP: used according to MIT License


If you dont want this, just block _twooker on twitter...